Sprint will begin throttling heavy data users on unlimited data plans in congested areas

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On Friday, October 16, Sprint officially announced a change to its unlimited data plans. Or, specifically, for the users on an unlimited data plan.

Sprint, or the Now Network, is one of the only carriers left that offers an unlimited data plan to its subscribers, but for those that use a high amount of data should pay attention to a new policy the company is rolling out today. The carrier is calling it a “Quality of Service” (QoS) policy, in which it will begin throttling the data of its heaviest data users in congested network areas. The threshold for that throttling? 23GB of data. Sprint says this is “typical in the industry,” and it does fall in line with steps made by T-Mobile this year as well.

This new policy will rollout today, October 16, and it directly affects new subscribers that sign up for an unlimited data plan. Existing customers will only see this policy be enacted on their plan when they upgrade their phone and decide to stick with unlimited data.

How much data do you tend to use every month?

[via Sprint]

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