A Swiss TV station is switching to iPhones instead of traditional cameras

iPhone 6 Camera

When it comes to cutting costs, sometimes an unorthodox method is necessary, just as one Swiss TV station is showcasing quite well.

As revealed in a report from the French Le Temps, a Swiss TV station has decided to ditch the traditional cameras used, and instead go with Apple’s iPhone 6. Not only that, but the iPhones will be attached to selfie sticks. That move was made by the station in an attempt to save some money, but also make the station “more responsive” as well.

“A partnership with Swisscom, which provides the opportunity for the iPhone 6 and technology support needed, the experience is conceived as “a quest for lightness and responsiveness, but also a track to reduce the costs of newscast,” he adds. The transaction should thus costing a few thousand Swiss francs, which is not a detail for Leman Bleu and CHF 4 million budget.”

What do you think of the idea?

[via @pschiller; Le Temps]