Apple hires engineer from a digital license plate company for Apple Car

image Apple Car concept4

After hiring a bunch of experienced engineers who are well versed with autonomous car, EVs, and the overall platform, Apple has now hired Rónán Ó Braonáin, who previously used to work as the Director of Engineering at Reviver. 

Reviver is known for making the “world’s first digital license plate”: Slate. The digital license plate, apart from being digital, is able to automatically pay for toll charges and parking fees, keep a maintenance record of your vehicle, monitor its location and more.

Rónán was hired by Apple back in August, and he works there as a ‘Secret Agent’ for one of Apple’s Special Projects. 


Before Apple and Reviver, Rónán worked as the CTO of Vision Fleet for a year where he single-handedly built a software to manage a fleet of EVs and extract data from them. Rónán had also worked at BMW under different roles for nearly 5.5 years.

It is almost a given that Apple has hired Rónán to work on the Apple Car. His expertise with digital number plates and software to manage EVs should come in handy for the company.

Previous reports have claimed that Apple will launch the Apple Car in 2019, with the project going full steam ahead after receiving a “committed” label in September this year.

[Via Electrek]