Apple is promoting apps and games for the iPad Pro in the iOS App Store

iPad Pro apps App Store

The iPad Pro officially went on sale on Wednesday, November 11, but for many owners it might just now be arriving for general use. Which means Apple has begun hyping up the apps and games for the gigantic tablet.

Within the iOS App Store, Apple has begun promoting two different categories for the new iPad Pro and its 12.9-inch display. The first of which is apps falling under the “Amazing Apps for iPad Pro” banner, and sectioned off into five different subcategories: Enhanced for Apple Pencil, Desktop-Class Apps, Powerful Multitasking, Unleash Your Creativity, Bigger With a Bigger Screen, and Immersive Experiences.

For its part, Apple says that the collection is meant to promote the large Retina display, while also promoting the astounding performance of the apps and the tablet itself. The company says that using apps, drawing, multitasking, and watching videos are all an “amazing experience” on the iPad Pro.

iPad Pro games App Store

The second new section is all for games, and is called “Great Games for iPad Pro.” There are a variety to choose from, from puzzle, to platformers, to racing and action titles. That includes The Room 3, Geometry Wars 3, and Broken Age, among many, many more. This section features three subcategories: Gorgeous Games, Fantastic Sounds, and Big Screen, Big Fun.

Apps and games will continue to play a big role for the iPad Pro moving forward, so it’s no surprise that Apple wants to make sure owners know which ones will be great to showcase the new tablet right out of the box.

If you haven’t already picked up the iPad Pro, do you plan to?