Apple reportedly planning to remove 3.5mm port in ‘iPhone 7’

Philips Lightning headphones

Looking ahead as 2015 comes to a close is mandatory, especially when it comes to Apple products. Of course, the next iPhone is all anyone can talk about as usual.

The next iPhone is already rumored to be called the iPhone 7, and the Rumor Mill has been consistently churning out new expectations. In September a report surfaced that suggested the upcoming smartphone will be water- and dust-proof. And, more recently, another report suggested that the iPhone 7 could be “as thin” as an iPod touch. And, turns out, the latter of the two rumors could be leading in the right direction.

Based on news from Macotakara, citing information gathered from a “reliable source,” Apple is gearing up to make a big change to the next iPhone. In an effort to make the next iPhone even thinner, Apple is reportedly going to remove the 3.5mm audio port on the handset, and instead switch to headphones that have a Lightning cable instead. Doing this, the report states, will get the next iPhone a “more than 1mm” reduction in size when compared to the already thin iPhone 6s.

It’s worth noting here that the iPod touch is already 1mm thinner than the iPhone 6s, and it still uses a 3.5mm port.

However, Apple has made steps to make this a reality if it so desires. Last year the company introduced specifications for Lightning headphones. Apple, for its part, will include Lightning EarPods in the box with the next iPhone, but it will be up to accessory makers to adopt the specifications and adapt to the Lightning future if this is indeed true.

[via Macotakara]