Best specialty cases that’ll charge, protect or beautify your iPhone 6s Plus

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

Cases come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They range from cheap flexible shells to luxury folios that hold your phone and all its accessories. There are cases to protect your phone from drops, cases in a variety of colors and even cases that’ll protect your phone if it happens to go for a quick swim. Below you will find several unique cases available for the iPhone 6s Plus that provide features beyond the basic scratch and drop protection.

Best Battery Case: Mophie Juice Pack


Mophie offers several models of its popular Juice Pack battery cases for the iPhone 6s Plus. The cases will extend your battery life, allowing you go longer before charges. They are great for folks who use their phone a lot and don’t have the ability to charge during the day. They do add some bulk and weight to the phone so you may want to look at the case in a retail store before taking the plunge.

Buy Now: MSRP $100 (Juice Pack – 2600mAh)

Best Luxury Case: PAD & QUILL Luxury Book

pad-quill iphone 6s

Made in the US, Pad & Quill combines old-world artisanship with modern-day designs that emphasize form, function and material. The company offers handmade, high-quality accessories for Apple’s line of products, including the Luxury Book for the iPhone 6s Plus. If the Luxury book is too extravagant, the company also makes several other handsomely crafted cases for the iPhone 6s Plus, including the affordable, wood-centric Timber case and the slim Bella Vida wallet case.

Buy Now: $25 (Timber Case)

Buy Now: $75 (Bella Vida)

Buy Now: $110 (Luxury Book)

Best Waterproof Case: Seidio Obex


The Seidio Obex may be bulky, but it’s effective at keeping out water thanks to its sealed screen protector that helps create a barrier from water, dust and even snow. It’s also drop proof, protecting your iPhone 6s Plus in up to 2-meters of water.

Buy Now: $80

Best Screen Protector: Zagg Glass

iPhone 6s - Zagg GlassCases protect your iPhone from drops and scratches, but most do not include screen protection. To keep your phone free from all blemishes, you should install Zagg Glass, a scratch-resistant tempered glass screen protector that gives your display the extra cushion it needs to avoid cracking. When your phone takes a tumble, the Glass screen protector will bear the brunt of the fall. Though the screen protector may crack,  your iPhone will survive unscathed. Best of all, ZAGG will replace your Glass protector if it gets worn or damaged for as long as you own your device.

Buy Now: $35

Tell us your favorite case

Do you plan on buying a case for your iPhone 6s Plus? Are you interested in a specialty case or do you prefer one of the standard models? If you are purchasing a case, which ones are on your must-have list? Let us know in the comments below.

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