Facebook is working on hiding your posts from an ex after a breakup

Facebook breakup posts

Facebook is about being social, but sometimes there are reasons why someone might not want to see, or have their posts be seen, by someone still on their friends list.

One such instance might be a recent breakup, where, even if the event is still fresh, removing them from Facebook isn’t the best option (because drama!). So, Facebook is currently testing features that will let people trim up their status updates, as well as limit just how much exposure that ex gets on your own news feed as they continue to interact with their own friends and family.

Specifically, with the tools, users will be able to see less of their ex’s status updates without having to outright block them, and the ex’s name won’t be suggested on random posts or even show up when another friend likes their stuff.

Facebook breakup posts2

On top of that, a user can use the tools to limit the number of news feed posts, photos, videos, or other updates. Users can even untag themselves from photos taken with that certain person, and even edit who can see those past posts or photos.

The testing is going on right now in the United States, and the social network says it’s focused on mobile right now.

What do you think of the new feature?

[via Facebook Newsroom]