First Alert launches the Onelink smoke, carbon monoxide detector with HomeKit support

First Alert Onelink

For those wanting to jump into a smart home, but want to focus on Apple’s HomeKit instead of other alternatives, there’s a new smoke and carbon monoxide detector to consider.

First Alert has officially launched a brand new HomeKit-enabled smoke and carbon monoxide detector that can be controlled with an iPhone. With the phone, owners can do a variety of things, like silence alarms, look at past alerts, and, for a specific model, even control a built-in nightlight. For those keeping track of alternatives, The Verge points out that First Alert’s Onelink has the same feature set as the main competitor, Google’s Nest Protect.

The Onelink has one big difference, though: A built-in battery. According to Fist Alert, it will last for up to 10 years, and it’s not replaceable. Which means, when time is up, you’ll simply need to replace the Onelink with a new option, which, of course, there will be many in that timeframe.

The company strived to make this a home and safety device, with all of the other features simply tacked on for good measure and convenience. Specifically, the alarm and detection functionality is siloed away from the connectivity features. So, even if those go offline for whatever reason, the alarm will still be able to detect smoke and/or carbon monoxide, and still relay that warning.

The Onelink primarily connects via Bluetooth to the devices in range, but if an alarm is triggered it will switch over to Wi-Fi and alert individuals outside of the house.

As far as pricing goes, the battery-powered version costs $109, while the hardwired variant (which comes with a battery backup) is available for $119. Potential buyers can find it in Lowe’s stores now, and it will soon be available through other hardware stores,, and in Apple’s retail stores.

[via The Verge]