Google launches Chrome beta for iOS through TestFlight, adds 3D Touch support

Chrome beta iOS app

Betas have traditionally been an element of testing for Google products for quite some time, but not so much when it comes to their iOS apps.

That is changing in at least one way, thanks to a brand new Chrome beta that is now available through Apple’s TestFlight platform. While Google hasn’t made an official announcement regarding its first major beta release for its web browser on iOS as of the time of this writing, interested folks can visit Chrome’s beta download page for iOS and get started with the not-so-public software.

For the users that do try it out, you’ll be able to install Chrome version 47.0.2526.53, which brings support for new Bluetooth keyboard shortcuts, along with plenty of other new features. One such new tentpole feature is 3D Touch support on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, which will allow users to hard-press on the Chrome app icon to gain quick actions for opening a new tab, launching incognito mode, and using voice search.

To get a chance to try out the new Chrome beta for iOS, you’ll need to have the TestFlight app installed on your device, and also hit the download button on the aforementioned download page, in which an email will be sent that will provide the download link for the beta through TestFlight.

Do you plan on trying out the new Chrome beta for iOS?

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