iPad Pro is already available to pick up in some Apple Stores

iPad Pro in-store pickup

Apple’s new iPad Pro today went on sale for the first time, and those who order the device from the Apple Online Store can expect to receive it by the end of the week (providing shipping dates don’t slip). But you don’t have to wait, because some Apple Stores have stock available to pickup today!

Apple confirmed that iPad Pro would be available through carriers and retail channels “later this week,” but it did not mention that its own retail stores would have stock today. Despite that, customers in the U.S. can choose in-store pickup for today when ordering their iPad Pro.

To do this, simply go to order your iPad Pro like you normally would through Apple’s website or using the Apple Store app, then instead of choosing delivery, opt for in-store pickup by selecting “Check Availability” on the order page.

You can then see whether any Apple Stores nearby have the iPad Pro in stock by searching by city or zip code. If you find stock, simply select the store to reserve your device for collection.

Not all stores do have stock, but many of them have, so it’s definitely worth checking those near you if you don’t like waiting for new things to arrive. You can also pop into your local Apple store without a reservation, but reserving online first means you’ll know for certain before you get there.

If you’re still not sure which iPad Pro to buy, be sure to check out our buyer’s guide. We can also help you choose between iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, and iPad mini 4.

[via AppAdvice]