iPad Pro better at stylus tracking than Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 4

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Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 is famous for its excellent Surface Pen stylus, which makes interacting with small objects on a touchscreen a breeze. But it turns out that Apple has already beaten it on the first try. A new test shows iPad Pro is better at stylus tracking than Microsoft’s latest 2-in-1.

Journalist and photographer Angel Jimenez de Luis has already gotten his hands on iPad Pro and Apple Pencil — despite the fact that the latter won’t begin shipping for at least a week — and he has put together a number of videos that compare them with one of their biggest competitors.

The aim is to demonstrate which device is more responsive when using a stylus, and while both do a very good job, it’s clear the iPad Pro is better at tracking when they’re side-by-side. Angel Jimenez de Luis explains the test in the video below:

In the following video, you can see how the tracking compares on iPad Pro and Surface Pro 4 when recorded at 120 frames-per-second. The difference is really quite noticeable in slow-motion, highlighting the lag suffered by Microsoft’s device.

It’s unclear whether the OneNote app used on the Surface Pro 4 has anything to do with this — and whether the Surface performs better in other apps — so we’ll have to wait for further tests to find out. But when it comes to taking notes in the built-in notes apps on each device, the iPad Pro does it better.

[via G for Games]