Pegasus: Jailbreak tweak brings Picture in Picture mode to all iOS 9 devices



Picture in Picture is a new iOS 9 feature that is available exclusively on select iPad models. It essentially allows you to move videos or Facetime calls into a smaller floating window while using other apps at the same time.

If you’re eager to get this feature on your unsupported iOS 9 devices then look no further than a jailbreak tweak known as Pegasus. It ports the Picture in Picture mode to all devices that are running on iOS 9.

The tweak adds a new button next to the pause button in supported videos such that when you press it, the video will be detached into a smaller window. The new window can be moved to any edge of the screen and is resizable as well. It will float on your screen allowing you to interact with other apps while watching videos. Double tapping on the window will reattach the video again.

If you’re watching a video in full screen, you can detach it by simply pressing the Home button once or double tapping the video with two fingers. Keep in mind that Pegasus works with a limited number of apps so if it is not getting detached, it means that the app is not supported.

Pegasus doesn’t come with any configuration. Once you’ve installed it, you can detach supported videos and start using other apps at the same time.

The tweak works perfectly as advertised and works like the Picture in Picture feature on the iPads but I still prefer VideoPane tweak by Ryan Petrich as it supports all type of apps which means that you can detach any video that you want and provides way more features.

If you’re interested to check out Pegasus, it is available for $2.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Let us know what you think about the tweak in the comments section below.

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