T-Mobile will offer the iPad Pro through JUMP! On Demand for $34 per month beginning November 18


While AT&T already confirmed earlier this week that the iPad Pro will go on sale on its website beginning November 11, with in-store sales going live on November 13, T-Mobile is finally weighing in on purchasing options.

On November 11, the Magenta Carrier officially announced that it would be offering the iPad Pro through its JUMP! On Demand program, which means owners can put down a certain amount of money up front, and then pay installments towards the full retail price of the bigger iPad. In this case, T-Mobile is looking for $199.99 up front, and then $34 per month after that.

The iPad Pro will officially be available beginning Wednesday, November 18, and T-Mobile has opened up a sign-up page for those that want an email sent their way when orders go live.

Apple’s Smart Keyboard, which retails for $169 and the Apple Pencil, $99, will also be available through T-Mobile (not via JUMP!) beginning November 18.

Do you plan on picking up the iPad Pro through T-Mobile?

[via T-Mobile]

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