Apple rumored to add Hi-Res audio streaming format to Apple Music in 2016

Philips Lightning headphones

According to several sources of Mac Otakara, Apple plans on bringing Hi-Res Audio streaming of up to 96 kHZ / 24bit to Apple Music in 2016. 

It is also possible that Apple will start offering the higher-quality audio files available for download through the iTunes Store. It is currently unknown at what bitrate the Apple Music streams music at currently, though the bitrate is likely to be around 256Kbps.

This is not the first time that rumors about Apple introducing Hi-Res audio to the iTunes Store and Apple Music have surfaced though. These rumors have been circulating since the last couple of years now. However, adding Hi-Res audio support to Apple Music will give the company’s music streaming service an advantage over its competition and possibly lure in more subscribers.

Additionally, several music industry insiders at the Portable Audio Festival 2015 have revealed to Mac Otakara that they have been working on audio products with a Lightning port that are compatible with iOS 9 as well. They are also developing their own audio cable with a Lightning port to further improve audio quality.

It is unclear why audio manufacturers are moving towards Lightning ports for their audio gears: on the behest of Apple or just to deliver higher quality music.

[Via Mac Otakara]