Apple testing multiple prototypes of iPhone 7 with USB Type-C port, wireless charging, dual camera and more

iPhone 7 concept

If the latest rumor originating from China are to be believed, Apple is testing as many as five different prototypes of the iPhone 7. Every model is different from each other and has its own set of unique hardware characteristics.

The source of the rumor claims that the various technologies that Apple is testing through its multiple prototypes include a USB Type-C connector that is also compatible with headsets, a fingerprint scanner that is embedded into the display, wireless charging, and dual camera configuration. Apparently, one of the prototypes also features an AMOLED screen, though recent reports have indicated that Apple does not plan on using an AMOLED panel on the iPhone anytime soon in the future.

Manufacturers testing multiple prototypes of their handsets early in its development stage is a very common phenomenon, so this news is not that surprising. However, Apple testing one of the prototypes with a USB Type-C port sure is, since it indicates that the company might finally be ready to ditch its lightning connector in favor of the new Type-C connector for the next-generation iPhone.

In the end, it is also entirely possible that none of these tech end up making their way inside the iPhone 7 due to technological reasons. While a display with a built-in fingerprint scanner sounds good for usability and design purposes, it does sound too technologically far fetched. Nonetheless, if there is one company capable of making tomorrow’s technology mainstream today, its Apple.

[Via G for Games]