Apple working on new display technologies at a secret laboratory in Taiwan

Apple factory in Taiwan

As per a report from Bloomberg, Apple is working on building new display technologies at a secret production laboratory in Longtan, northern Taiwan.

Beside an Apple logo and an iMac inside the building, there is almost no way of knowing that the factory is owned by Apple. However, Bloomberg has been able to confirm from multiple sources that the factory is indeed owned by Apple.

Apple is also hiring a couple of display engineers to work in the factory.

The building has more than 50 engineers and other people who are all working towards creating new thinner, brighter and power-efficient displays for the iPhone, iPad and Macs. The company is reportedly very keen to shift to OLED displays that are thinner than traditional LCDs due to the lack of a backlight.

Apple started working on next-generation displays for the iPhone, iPad and Macs in this factory from early this year, which was previously owned by Qualcomm.

Over the last few years, the improvement in LCD panels — used by Apple in its devices — have been relatively modest, while OLED displays have made a significant improvement in almost every department. Rumors have claimed Apple does not plan on using OLED displays on iPhones until 2018.

Apple has always used display panels created and supplied by other component makers, so it will be interesting to see what kind of display technology the company is able to come up on its own.

[Via Bloomberg]