Consumer Reports survey show MacBooks topping customer satisfaction and reliability


A survey recently conducted by Consumer Reports shows that MacBooks are still at the top when it comes to customer satisfaction and reliability. The survey saw more than 58,000 participants who purchased a laptop between 2010 through 2015.

Based on the results of the survey, the report states that MacBook Air have an estimated failure rate of just 7 percent, with MacBook Pro trailing them just by a whisker with a failure rate of 9 percent. No Windows based laptop managed to score a reliability level in single digits. Gateway’s NV laptops were the best Windows laptop in terms of reliability and had a failure rate of 13 percent, while Samsung, Dell and Lenovo laptops had a failure rate of 14-15 percent. Lenovo’s Y series had the worst reliability score of 23 percent.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, MacBooks were once again leading the way with 71 percent owners reporting that they were completely satisfied with their purchase. On the other hand, Windows running laptop owners had a satisfaction rating of only 38 percent.

However, the report states that when a MacBook does break, they are almost always more expensive to fix than Windows running laptops. It thus recommends MacBook owners to get an AppleCare for their laptop within a year of its purchase that will further extend its warranty by two additional years.

A survey with a pool size of 58,000 consumers is by no means small and does give a fair idea of what the truth really is. MacBooks have long been considered to be reliable compared to Windows running laptops, and this survey just proves that.

[Source Consumer Reports; Via ZDNet]