Google’s Nexus 6P reviewed: ‘The best Android smartphone this year’

Google Nexus 6P

At the end of September of this year, Google introduced a pair of new Nexus-branded smartphones, one of which, the Nexus 6P, was confidently placed in the high-end market.

The Nexus 6P is a successor to the Nexus 6, which was released last year. There are some drastic changes in store for the newest Nexus flagship, though, including a 5.7-inch display (down from the 6-inch screen in the Nexus 6), as well as upgrades to the processor, the camera, and even the construction of the handset’s frame.

The Nexus 6P was reviewed by Android Beat recently, and outlines in great detail why Google’s latest Nexus smartphone, which was manufactured by Huawei, is the best Android smartphone launched this year. A bold statement, considering other handsets, like Samsung’s Galaxy S6 edge saw its own positive reports, and Motorola’s latest Moto X flagship also garnered plenty of attention as well.

The Nexus 6P has plenty of strengths, including the Super AMOLED Quad HD display, which the review says is beautiful to look at, offers vivid colors, and is big enough (but not too big) to take in all the content:

“Ignoring the technicalities, the display on the Nexus 6P in simply gorgeous: its bright, vivid, contrast-y, big and beautiful. I have absolutely no qualms with the display.”

The Nexus 6P also stands out when it comes to performance, even if benchmarks and pure specifications may suggest a different story altogether:

“On paper, the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy Note 5 totting an Exynos 7420 chipset and 4GB RAM look faster than the Nexus 6P; and even the benchmarks seems to agree with them. However, in real life, the Nexus 6P easily beats them all. Over the last one month, I have never faced any random slow downs, app crashes or just about anything else. The phone has been buttery smooth with nary a hint of lag nor skipped frames anywhere in the OS. Unlike the Note 5, the Nexus 6P does not suffer from any poor RAM management issue as well. I can have 10+ apps running in the background without the performance of the phone getting affected in anyway.”

One other noteworthy aspect of the device is the camera, which Google touts as being impressive even in the busy smartphone market. The review would seem to echo these claims, saying that even in a variety of lighting conditions the handset was able to deliver solid picture quality:

“Combined with the new camera app, the Nexus 6P can take some impressive pics irrespective of how the lighting conditions are. I used the 6P as my primary shooter for a short holiday trip over the likes of the LG G4 and the Galaxy S6, and never did I once regret my decision. I had initially thought that I would miss OIS on the 6P while shooting pictures in low-light, but that never happened even after I clicking hundreds of photos. Yes, having OIS would have greatly helped while recording videos, but that’s not something I or a majority of people do on a regular basis.”

In the end, the review paints the Huawei Nexus 6P as the best smartphone released in 2015, a bold claim indeed:

“After using the Nexus 6P for well over a month now, I can confidently say that it is the best Android smartphone released this year and also the best Nexus smartphone ever released by Google. After years of releasing Nexus smartphones that compromised on one area or another, it is great to see Google greatly stepping up its game with the Nexus 6P. Even better, at its $500 price point, the Nexus 6P offers a price-to-performance ratio that can be matched by very few phones out there.”

If you’ve checked out a Nexus 6P, what did you think of it? Is this a device you could switch to if you were ready to jump over to Android?