Littlstar allows you to view 360-degree videos on Apple TV 4


Viewing 360-degree videos on YouTube is a pretty cool experience, but thanks to platform limitations, iOS users cannot watch any kind of 360-degree videos on their devices. Thanks to a new app called Littlstar though, fourth generation Apple TV users will soon be able view 360-degree videos on their television.

To look around in 360-degree videos, you can use the trackpad on your Siri remote.

Littlstar is backed by Disney, and has already played a major role in bringing 360-degree videos to Samsung’s Gear VR and other mobile devices. You will not have to hunt for 360-degree videos since Littlstar has partnerships with some big names like National Geographic, Discovery, Fusion, and Red Bull. Beside allowing you to view 360-degree videos, the app also allows you to upload your own 360-degree videos and share it with your friends.

360-degree videos

If you have not already watched a 360-degree video, be prepared to have your mind blown when you do. Unlike traditional videos, 360-degree videos give you a feel of actually being there. They allow you to look anywhere in the video for any length of time you want to.

Until Apple opens up iOS to make watching 360-degree videos possible, the Littlstar app for the Apple TV 4 is your best bet on watching 360-degree videos.

[Via Gizmodo]