Apple quietly added a redesigned popup alert in iOS 9.3

New popup alert in iOS 9.3

Apple has quietly introduced a redesigned popup alert in its latest iOS 9.3 beta, which only seems to be available inside mobile Safari for now. The box sports a cleaner, simpler design that kind of resembles Android’s Material Design popup alert.

The new “UIAlert” interface was first spotted by users on Reddit. “Only shows in Safari and certainly requires iOS 9.3 beta 1.1,” writes user Mini_Coin. “I may b crazy but this looks like a teaser for iOS 10.”

Former Android users will notice the new popup looks a lot like Googles, with a cleaner look and buttons that are aligned to the right, rather than centered. However, iOS 9.3’s does have a thin line between the dialog and the buttons, whereas Android’s — which is shown below — does not.

Android popup alert

We can’t be sure this dialog will stick around, or whether Apple will decide to scrap it. But it’s certainly new, and it appears to be in testing ahead of a possible rollout with iOS 9.3 or another future release.

What do you think of the new popup alert? Is it an improvement over the old one, or is it worse?

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