Apple Car project lead to leave the company



Steve Zadesky, the lead behind the Apple Car initiative dubbed “Project Titan,” is said to be leaving the company according to a new report.

Citing sources that claim to be familiar with the matter, the folks over at The Wall Street Journal are reporting that the 16-year old veteran who worked originally as a designer on Apple’s iPod and iPhone lines and more recently was the lead on “Project Titan,” is leaving Apple for “personal reasons.” Details of the matter remain scarce and it hasn’t been made clear if his departure has anything do with the ongoing work toward an electric vehicle many are claiming will be the “Apple Car.”

Much of what has surfaced recently indicates that the team working on Apple’s car project appears to be having several issues with setting and meeting “clear goals,” all while the executives push for deadlines that appear to be too ambitious. For those of you who didn’t know, Apple is looking to complete the engineering for the car by 2019, putting aside what could be several years before an actual product is ready to ship. This report appears to line up with what we previously reported in September. Since then though, Apple’s project has taken several twists and turns. Manufacturing roadblocks forced Apple to consider partnering with an established car manufacturer in hopes of completing the project in a timely manner. The size of the project appears to be another obstacle, with many speculating that Apple may dedicate a larger facility located in San Jose to help tackle any issues regarding having enough room.

Steve Zadesky, who is a former engineer for the car manufacturer, Ford, was originally assigned to “Project Titan” last February. At the time, he was leading a team of hundreds of employees and it was said that Apple CEO, Tim Cook, even gave Zadesky the green light to start work on the much-rumored electric car effort roughly two years ago, giving him the ability to reallocate employees from other departments to his team as needed.  Apple hasn’t provided much information regarding the matter but anyone who looks at Apple’s slew of recent hires and key acquisitions in the car industry should be able to piece together that Apple is working on something quite large. Apple has went as far as poaching and hiring talent from Tesla and is believed to be working on the project in a secretive facility.

As of right now, we don’t know when Zadesky’s official end date is or what he plans on doing next.

[Via The Wall Street Journal]

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