Apple files an application with Indian regulatory body to open Apple Stores in the country


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After years of selling its products through third-party retailers and distributors in India, Apple is finally taking steps to enter the market itself and create its own retail stores. The Indian unit of the company has filed an application with the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) requesting it for proper clearance to open its own retail store chain in the country.

Up until now, Apple could not open its own stores in India due to various government regulations. However, the Government of India liberalised foreign direct investment for a single brand retail in November last year, which now makes it possible for Apple and other tech-giants to open their stores in the country.

Confirming the development, DIPP Secretary Amitabh Kant said, “We have just received Apple’s proposal. We are examining it.

Apple has not specified the amount of investment it is ready to make to open its stores in India, but it did request clearance to directly sell its products online in the country.

Slowly but steadily, India is becoming a key market for Apple. While the company still does not sell millions of iPhones in the country every month, it has been increasing its sales in the country every year in double digits thanks to a strong marketing push.

[Via Economic Times]

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