Apple has fixed the bug that was crashing Safari on iOS and OS X

Safari Suggestions in iOS 9

In the early morning hours on January 27, many iOS and OS X users were experiencing some major crashing issues with Apple’s stock browser, Safari.

It was quickly discovered that the bug was centered around the “Safari Suggestions” feature, which would see the app crash completely when users tried to do a search within the address bar on their iOS/OS X device. According to a new report from BuzzFeed News, Apple believes it has fixed the issue, and the company says that “only people whose Safari suggestions data storage updated during early AM hours,” were plagued by the issue.

Of course, with quite a few active devices out there in the wild, the problem was a widespread one and plenty of attention was brought to the issue. Developer Steven Troughton-Smith, who kept an eye on the issue, has confirmed that the problem seems to be alleviated at this point:

While the issue appears to be fixed, it could take some time before everyone sees those changes on their devices.

Were you impacted by this bug today?

[via BuzzFeed News]

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