Apple manages to secure sales ban on older Samsung smartphones in the US

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After fighting Samsung for over seven years in various U.S. courts, Apple has finally met with success, though it is of little value — at least in business sense — right now. The company has managed to get the US District court to ban Samsung from selling some of its smartphones in the United States. 

The phones in question infringed on certain patents and intellectual property from Apple, which includes the ‘slide to unlock’ patent and other two patents related to quick links in the messaging application and auto-correct.

This win for Apple, however, is of little value in terms of business sense since the phones that are being banned from being sold in the US are pretty old, and Samsung has already stopped selling them. The banned devices include the Admire, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch, Galaxy S2 Skyrocket, Galaxy S3 and Stratosphere. All of these smartphones are more than a couple of years old and have been off the retail shelfs for at least a year now.

Judge Koh said in her filing that Apple will “suffer irreparable harm if Samsung continues to use its use of the infringing features, that monetary damages cannot adequately compensate Apple for this resulting irreparable harm, and that the balance of equities and public interest favor entry of a permanent injunction.”

On the positive side for Apple, this case can have some long-term positive implications for it, as it gives the company a leverage in its other cases against the Korean company.

[Via CNET]

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