Apple Maps gets traffic data for Hong Kong and Mexico, new Flyover locations

Apple Maps Flyover Aomori, Japan

Apple has rolled out some big updates to its Maps service this week, adding traffic data for Hong Kong and Mexico, and bringing Flyover support to four cities around the world. The update also makes Maps’ new Nearby feature available in more countries.

The new Flyover locations, which were first spotted by MacRumorsare Aomori, Japan; Bruges, Belgium; Lake Powell, Utah; and Limoges, France. You may have been able to access Flyover in these cities before, but they’ve only just been officially added to Apple’s list of Flyover locations.

Apple’s Maps webpage also lists support for traffic data in Hong Kong and Mexico now, which means 29 markets are now supported. Nearby, which was first introduced with iOS 9 to display local points of interest, now serves the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Apple has also made transit directions available in Log Angeles. They were actually added back in December, but this was only just confirmed on Apple’s website.