Apple introduces new art in its ‘Start Something New’ campaign (Update: Now on homepage)

Apple Start Something New 2015

Around this time in 2014, Apple rolled out what it called the “Start Something New” ad campaign, which focused on individuals all over the globe that used Apple products to make pieces of art.

That ad campaign initially kicked off in Japan, and then rolled out to other markets in the days ahead. It would also see Apple retail stores turned into art galleries, thanks to the artwork set on display above the devices that Apple was, by extension, promoting. Now, ahead of New Year’s Day in locations like New Zealand, Vietnam, South Korea, India, Australia, and other locales in the Asia-Pacific region, Apple is refreshing the ad campaign with new work from a variety of new artists.

The refreshed pieces of art still include a variety of work, including paintings, short films, photos, and more. These pieces were all put together utilizing Apple products, ranging from iMacs, to the new Apple Pencil, the iPad Air 2 with Adobe’s iOS apps, After Effects, Darkroom, and Procreate.

Apple has also seen fit to launch individual landing pages for each of the artists it is promoting in its refreshed Start Something New campaign, which you can find linked to below:

The Start Something New campaign was just one of many that Apple released in 2015 that focused on the things people were making with Apple products, which also included the “Shot on iPhone” campaign, focusing on images and videos taken with Apple’s iPhone lineup.

In April of 2015, Apple was actually sued for some of the artwork that was portrayed in its campaign.

Update: The ‘Start Something New’ campaign is now being featured by Apple on its homepage. Thanks Stan for the tip!

[via MacRumors; Apple]

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