The Apple Pencil has 15 semiconductors inside its tiny frame


Apple Pencil Chipworks teardown

The iPad Pro is a tablet that can sell itself, but Apple was also quick to launch a pair of accessories with the huge device, too. Including the Apple Pencil.

Now, the folks at Chipworks have put together a teardown of their own (following a look into the design from iFixit in 2015), and focused on the technology that goes into Apple’s stylus for the iPad Pro. Specifically, just what makes the device so good at what it does, and the technology Apple shoved into the small package. To which, they found 15 semiconductors inside. Chipworks said it’s “quite incredible for something so small,” noting that the Apple Pencil weighs only 1 gram, and measures in at 9mm thick and 176mm long.

The chips come from a range of companies, including Bosch, Fairchild, Cambridge Silicon Radio, and others. However, the lions’ share of chip implementation comes from STMicroelectronics and Texas Instruments. Interestingly enough, digging a bit deeper showed an Apple-branded part within the tip of the Pencil, but Chipworks went to work taking that apart, too, and found a driver-integrated circuit that was manufactured by STMicroelectronics.

It’s certainly an interesting look at one of Apple’s more interesting products, and Chipworks says they’ll have even more to share about the accessory in the coming days, including an in-depth look at how the Pencil works in tandem with the iPad Pro (the only tablet it works with).

[via Chipworks]

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