Apple will sell exclusive Apple Watch Sport models for the Chinese New Year [Update]

Apple Watch Sport Space Gray

This time last year, we were in limbo between Apple’s unveiling of the Apple Watch and it officially going on sale in April. But now that people can buy the wearable, Apple’s got a special plan for a special time of the year.

Apple will be selling exclusive Apple Watch Sport variants for the Chinese New Year, according to a report published by MacRumors. There will be two exclusive models to reflect the special occasion, and they’ll be available in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Taiwan, and Malaysia. They’ll be available until Monday, February 22.

At the time of publishing, Apple has yet to post the new, exclusive variants on its website, so just what they look like isn’t known at this time. The prices for these new models aren’t known just yet, either. As soon as Apple updates the page, though, we’ll be sure to reflect the changes here.

Apple published the dedicated pages for the pair of Watch Sport models, but quickly removed them. Considering the festivities are set to kick off for the Chinese New Year in February, the pages might have launched prematurely.

Update: According to a report published by Mashable, the pair of Chinese New Year-themed Apple Watch Sport models will have a dark red band, and feature a yellow gold case, as well as a silver aluminum option. You can see both models below.

Apple Watch Chinese New Year

Update 2: Turns out that the launch was premature, but only by a few hours. The special edition Watch Sport variants are actually (PRODUCT)Red variants, including the red band, and Gold Aluminum and Silver Aluminum cases. The watches are available in Singapore right now, and the two variants are also available in Malaysia.

[via MacRumors]

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