Apple’s free app this week: MarcoPolo Ocean


Apple released its new free app of the week, a virtual underwater sandbox game for kids named MarcoPolo Ocean.

Apple’s App of the Week was released today in iTunes and this time it’s a game called MarcoPolo Ocean. MarcoPolo Ocean is a virtual underwater sandbox game for kids and is highly rated in the kids-education-puzzler category. Those who have children should download this game as it was rated a 4.5 stars out of 5 and will be free from today until next Thursday.

MarcoPolo Ocean is typically $2.99 in the App Store but for this week only, it will be free for everyone. That’s $3 in savings which is quite a bit of money for those who constantly purchase apps. The concept of the game is great because kids can explore the deep underwater world and different creatures that live in the ocean.

When playing the game, you’re basically in a sandbox and can build coral reef, wander the ocean, learn about different animals, and learn new vocabulary and concepts. The game is not timed so kids can go at their own pace and what they’re comfortable with. The playful narration and animation help children reinforce ocean concepts, vocabulary, and other attributes.


MarcoPolo Ocean is currently compatible with the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch running iOS 7, iOS 8 or iOS 9. It is made for children ages 5 and under and comes in a variety of languages including Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. The game was first released back in January of 2014 and since received over 300 reviews. Many reviews in the App Store claim it’s a wonderful app that is both educational and fun at the same time.

According to the release notes, kids will have a ton of fun exploring and discovering the sea with the interactive playset. They will be able to complete puzzles and learn different marine creatures and vehicles that roam the ocean. There are six build-and-play activities children can work on, that bring language and the ocean to life. The game also has in-app purchases available for those who are extremely into the game. For those who are interested, Marco Polo Ocean will help children explore the following things:

  • Marine mammals and fish characteristics
  • Ocean landscape
  • Vocabulary exposure and acquisition that’s topic-specific
  • Boat construction and characteristics
  • Different animal species that live in the ocean

Be sure to click on the link below before next Thursday to download your free version of MarcoPolo Ocean.

Download link:

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