AT&T is offering unlimited data for U-verse and DirecTV subscribers

AT&T building

Unlimited data has been (not so gradually) phased out over the years, with many carriers opting to go with “data buckets” that a single individual or families can pull from in any given month. But AT&T’s making some changes.

The Big Blue carrier has officially announced that it is bringing back unlimited data, but not for everyone. Instead, the carrier is offering it to its U-verse subscribers, as well as those who are signed up for DirecTV. If you’re subscribing to either one of these TV options, both offered from AT&T, then you can choose to start a plan that offers unlimited data every month.

If you currently already subscribing to either TV provider, and are already using AT&T, then you can sign up for the new plan which starts at $100 per month, and then its $40 per month per line after that. If you don’t happen to be under AT&T’s network umbrella, but still use U-verse or DirecTV, you can switch to Big Blue and get upwards of $500 in credits to help make the switch from the other carrier. It’s the same rate per month as mentioned above, but if you sign up now, AT&T’s offering a limited-time promotion that will see the fourth line free every month. That’s unlimited data, talk, and text for $180 per month for four lines.

What do you think about AT&T’s latest move?

[via AT&T]