5 Awesome iPhone Apps You Didn’t Know Existed!


When I hit up the App Store, it’s usually for a purpose. I have an app in mind that I’m specifically going to download. Not too often do I go just to browse around and look for iPhone apps, unless it’s just the featured ones on the front page. But, I realized that there are a ton of great apps out there that don’t quite hit the spotlight and may go unnoticed. So with a little bit of digging, I came up with some pretty cool apps.

Some of these you may have heard of, some of them you may not have. I’m not trying to find the most unused and unseen apps, I’m trying to find cool apps that offer a clever idea or purposeful functionality. If you want to check these apps out in action and in more detail be sure to check out the video.

Stolen! (Free)

This is a pretty new app that is starting to gain traction. It’s a ton of fun and kind of hard to explain, even the developers don’t give you hints of how it actually works. But, you basically sign up with your twitter account and then you are able to purchase other twitter accounts. While you own those twitter accounts they generate coins for you. But, even if you buy an account someone else can come along and steal it from you, so you gotta keep an eye out! And the purpose (as far as I can tell) is to become more and more valuable by buying other accounts and getting your own account bought and sold. The only reason it’s not bigger than it already is is because that it requires an invite code to join.

Tunity (Free)

This app will come in handy in more places than you think. It allows you to scan a muted TV and it will find that channel and stream the audio over your iPhone. Pretty cool! I used it at a restaurant when I was watching a football game and it worked without a hitch. This could also be helpful at the gym or anywhere you find a muted tv that’s watching a channel over the air.

Cymbal (Free)

Everybody loves music and most people on the internet like to share things online with their friends. What about an app solely for sharing music and talking about it? That’s what Cymbal allows you to do. It’s just like any other social app except focused on music. You have a timeline with posts (called “cymbals”) of songs that the people you following are listening to. You can comment on those cymbals and save or share them with others. It’s a great app if you’re a music lover.

PhotoMath (Free)

This next app is no joke. I would have loved to have this back in high school. PhotoMath uses the camera on your device and allows you to scan math problems and it will instantly solve them. It’s pretty crazy how well it works and you can see it live in the video above. The one caveat to this app is that it doesn’t read handwriting, so you’ll either have to be working on a worksheet/computer or type the problem in manually.

Slide ($1.99)

This is one you definitely need to see in action in the video. Slide will allow you to take several pictures of a “subject” and turn those pictures into a gif with a 3D effect. It looks pretty cool, but it does take a few tries to get the hang of it. You focus in on the subject, then just slide your device horizontally and the app does the rest. I noticed quite a few of the bad reviews on the app were due to the users not using it correctly. So I wouldn’t be too deterred from those reviews, it works as advertised. I do, however, wished that the length of the gif was just a bit longer so it would give a more 3D effect.

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