Barclays promises to deliver Apple Pay support in April

Barclays and Apple Pay

Six months after Apple Pay made its debut in the U.K., Barclays has finally confirmed when the service will be available to its customers. CEO Ashok Vaswani has promised in a statement to customers that it will arrive by mid-April at the latest.

Barclays was one of a small number of U.K. banks that didn’t pledge its support for Apple Pay when the service made its debut, choosing instead to push its own bPay contactless payment service. But backlash from customers eventually convinced the bank to change its mind.

At the end of last year, Barclays told us Apple Pay would arrive in “early 2016,” without being more specific. It has remained silent about the service ever since, despite complaints from customers, but Vaswani has finally confirmed the bank’s Apple Pay plans.

“We will launch Apple Pay, as committed, within the next 60 to 75 days,” reads an email sent to Barclays customer Oli Foster-Burnell.

“Depending on the company’s plans, card support could be enabled between March 26th and April 10th,” reports Engadget“That’s stretching the “early 2016″ launch touted last year, but it may be enough to stop some disappointed Barclays customers from switching to another bank.”

Barclays will certainly be hoping that’s the case, but it hasn’t exactly been in a rush to make Apple Pay available. The reason behind the delay is unclear.

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