iCloud Photo Library and Live Photos support found in tvOS 9.2 beta 2


iCloud PhotoSupport for the iCloud Photo Library and Live Photos was found in the recently released tvOS 9.2 beta 2. The second beta of tvOS 9.2 for the fourth-generation Apple TV was released by Apple today, shortly after the Cupertino-based company released tvOS 9.1.1 to the public.

In the original beta, new features like Bluetooth keyboard support and folder organization were included but today’s beta added a highly requested new feature; access to iCloud Photo Library. This means that when tvOS 9.2 gets released to the public, users of the fourth-generation Apple TV will get full access to the iCloud Photo Library.

The iCloud Photo Library feature in Apple TV is turned off by default, but users will be able activate it in ‘Settings’ if they wish to. All they would have to do is go into ‘Settings,’ click the ‘iCloud’ menu, and turn on iCloud Photo Library. Before today’s second beta, the Apple TV only had Photo Stream content available. With this new added feature, users can view all images the way they would on a Mac or iOS device. It should be noted that default albums including ‘Recently Added,’ ‘All Photos,’ ‘Selfies,’ and ‘Favorites’ have album support but ones created by users such as deleted images, slideshows, and Smart Albums don’t.

Users will also be able to play Live Photos on their television, as it is supported in tvOS 9.2. Simply click and hold the trackpad button on the Siri remote to play Live Photos. This move made sense considering Live Photos is one of the newest features found in the latest generation of iOS devices today.

Fourth-generation Apple TV users can expect tvOS 9.2 sometime in the coming weeks, as tvOS 9.1.1 was just released to the public today.

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