Leaked ‘iPhone 7’ display backlight indicates the Flex Cables and 3D Touch chip have been moved

iPhone 7 backlight assembly

As we inch closer and closer to the expected announcement of the “iPhone 7” later this year, leaks are bound to happen. And, sure enough, it looks like they’ve officially kicked off.

Recently, the Taiwanese website Apple.club.tw posted an image of what’s reportedly the backlight assembly, or display backlight, for the upcoming smartphone from Apple. While the image itself is quite similar to the backlight assembly of the iPhone 6s, there are some key differences, including some key components getting shifted around.

When comparing the images to that of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus (pictured below), it’s noticeable that the 3D Touch chip and the Flex Cables have been shifted around. Interestingly enough, the initial report suggests that these parts could be for the oft-rumored 4-inch iPhone, the “iPhone 6c,” that Apple is supposedly set to announce soon, but it’s been heavily rumored that particular device won’t feature 3D Touch. So, with the chip necessary for this feature present, it stands to reason that these leaks are for the bigger variant launching this year.

iPhone 6s backlight assembly

There have already been plenty of rumors regarding both the iPhone 6c and iPhone 7. That includes 2GB of RAM in the iPhone 6c, and the iPhone 7’s apparent lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack. The “iPhone 7 Plus” has also been rumored to feature a 256GB storage variant, and a beefy 3100mAh battery.

These types of leaks are sure to keep cropping up. Are you getting excited for Apple’s next iPhone?

[via MacRumors; Apple.club.tw]

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