JellyLock Unified beta update brings iOS 9 support and bug fixes


Many of you might be a big fan of JellyLock, a highly customizable jailbreak tweak for enjoying some of Android’s looks on your iOS device. The developer behind the tweak has rolled out an update for JellyLock Unified with full support for iOS 9 and a couple of changes to fix known bugs and issues.

JellyLock Unified ports the unlock widget from Android JellyBean to iOS, adding a circular icon to the Lock screen that you can swipe to unlock, open the camera, or launch up to 6 customisable apps. It’s highly customisable and features many improvements over its predecessors, JellyLock7 and JellyLock.

Here’s the complete changelog to the recent update:

  • [0.9-beta-52-g4bd6f46] Actually push the package to my repo. Oops.
  • [0.9-beta-51-g236adc1] Fixed a bug where the iPod touch 3G (N18AP) would crash if you tried to use the camera. That’s because… well… that device doesn’t have a camera.
  • [0.9-beta-51-g236adc1] Fixed a bug where JellyLock Unified would fail to initialise on iOS 5/6 due to missing symbols
  • [0.9-beta-51-g236adc1] Fixed a bug where JellyLock Unified’s preferences would fail to load on iOS 5 due to the use of the shorthand objectForKey: syntax (apparently a common problem shared across all KarenPrefs projects)

You can get access to the tweak via the developer’s public repository. To do so, add the following new source to Cydia: You can also open this link from your iPhone to add the source directly to Cydia.

Check out the video of JellyLock to see it in action:

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Keep in mind that JellyLock Unified is a beta package and bugs are to be expected. The developer has announced that updates will now be rolled out regularly to fix all the known issues and to port all the features of the predecessors to JellyLock Unified.

Have you ever used JellyLock? What do you think of the recent update? Share your opinion with us in the comments section below.

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