Microsoft is bringing its Word Flow keyboard to iOS


Word Flow Microsoft Keyboard

If emails sent out by Microsoft to members of its insider program are anything to go by, the company seems to be working on bringing its much famed Word Flow keyboard to iOS. 

Microsoft’s Word Flow keyboard is among the key strengths of its Windows Phone platform, so many WP fans will find it disappointing that the company will be bringing the keyboard to other smartphone platforms.

Similar to SwiftKey, Word Flow allows you to swipe over alphabets in one motion to quickly frame your words and sentences. However, Microsoft’s prediction engine is far superior to that of SwiftKey and is better able to predict words and sentences. The target area of the keyboard also improves as you continue to use the keyboard, which further helps in improving typing speed. If you don’t like to swipe through alphabets, you can also tap away on the screen like the old-fashioned way.

A testament to Word Flow’s prediction engine prowess, is that it broke the Guinness World Record for fastest texting.

If the email from Microsoft is anything to go by, the company will also be bringing Word Flow to Android.

Slowly but steadily, Microsoft under the leadership of Satya Nadella has been porting over its key apps to all major smartphone ecosystems out there. The company has already released Outlook and Cortana for both Android and iOS, and now, the company’s Word Flow keyboard is next in line.

Are you excited about Microsoft’s Word Flow keyboard coming to iOS, or will you stick to the default iOS keyboard?

[Via The Verge]

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