Researchers use Apple Watch to fly drones using hand gestures

Apple Watch and tattoo

Want to control a drone using the force and by simply waving your hand around? Well, now you can, but there is a slight catch though: you must own an Apple Watch

Taiwanese researchers over at PVD+ have developed an algorithm that allows the Apple Watch to act as a remote for drones and even control lights using hand gestures. The algorithm called Dong coding was developed after 18 months of research, hard work and testing.

With Dong coding on your Apple Watch, you will be able to control drones using hand gestures. The Apple Watch basically interprets your hand gestures and then sends the corresponding signals to the drone. The algorithm is not limited only to the Apple Watch and can be installed on other devices as well. Beside drones, the algorithm can also be used to control balls like the BB-8 Droid and Sphere 2.0 and lights using wearable devices. As shown in the video, beside using gestures to switch lights on/off, the algorithm can also be used to change their color.

Since the technology is still in early stages of development, it is easily affected by environmental factors like wind. Nonetheless, over time these issues should be ironed out, with the battery life also improving, which is currently at a dismissal 20 minutes.

[Via Reuters]

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