Sneak Peek at an Awesome Upcoming Tweak called Snakebite!

I don’t know about you, but there haven’t been a ton of tweaks that I’ve been really anticipating lately. Luckily, @pillipten came through with a really cool tweak that I think is worth checking out. Let’s take a look at Snakebite.

Snakebite is a tweak that takes advantage of the 3D touch functionality on newer devices, but it works on older devices as well. With new devices, just 3D press on the left side of the device like you were going to open the app switcher, but instead this opens Snakebite which offers you either your recent apps or your favorite apps. If you’re on an older device, just tap and swipe to the right to activate. The latter can take a little bit of practice, but if you want a quick run down of everything just watch the short video below:

Once installed, just hop into the Snakebite settings to see the options you have to choose from. You’ll be able to choose from using your favorite apps, or recent apps, the theme, how many applications are shown and whether or not you want to show the app labels.

Since the original functionality of the 3D press on the left side is to open the app switcher, you can do that too by swiping down to the bottom icon within Snakebite and it’ll open right up.

Keep in mind that this tweak isn’t released the public just yet, but it should be submitted to Cydia within the week. It will be available for $0.99.

It’s simple and helpful tweaks like this that I enjoy. Not a ton of options, a nice and cool UI and actually useful at the same time. Let me know what you think about Snakebite in the comments below!