Sprint will no longer offer two-year smartphone contracts from today

Sprint 2 year contract

If a leaked document is anything to go by, Sprint will stop offering two-year phone contracts to its new subscribers starting from today. The carrier, however, will continue to offer tablets on two-year contracts.

For “select customers,” Sprint will offer its two-year agreement on a “reactive basis”.  As of now, it is still unclear whether Sprint will renew contracts for customers with 2-year contracts or simply recommend them to shift to its newer plans.

Over the last couple of years, all major carriers in the United States have done away with two-year contracts. T-Mobile was the first one to start the trend in 2013, which was followed by Verizon in August last year.

AT&T also announced late last month they will be doing away with two-year contracts starting from today, and now, Sprint has finally joined them. The Now network had announced its plans on doing away with two-year contracts towards the middle of last year, though it did not specify when it planned to implement it.

If you are on Sprint network and want to buy an iPhone, you can use the carrier’s Easy Pay and iPhone Forever.

[Via Android Central]