The Ty-Lite case will light up your iPhone 6s like a dressing room mirror for the perfect selfie

Ty-Lite iPhone case

Simply improving the front-facing camera on a smartphone isn’t the only step in getting closer to the “perfect selfie” these days, it seems.

Ty Hunter is a famous stylist, especially for working with performer Beyoncé, and now he has a new iPhone case that’s designed to not only protect the phone, but also light it up like an old-school dressing room mirror to help you take the perfect selfie. The case is for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, and, as you can see from the image just above, it lights up the edges of the case so that you’ve got a consistent source of light on your face as you take the image.

The lights are LEDs, and there are three different settings to choose from: “warm,” “cool,” and “brilliant,” all of which will change the intensity of the incandescence to what you need for the situation. According to Hunter, the case has made many celebrities not only request the accessory, but has apparently made them ditch filters, too:

“A lot of celebs have been hitting me up for them. They say that they don’t even need to use a filter when they’re using it.”

The case costs $79.99 (or about £54). At the time of publication, there is only one customer review, but it has a five-star rating nonetheless.

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[via The Telegraph]

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