1Password launches a family plan to help share passwords


1Password for Families

Keeping passwords safe is important, and finding a service to help with that is just as important. For a lot of people, 1Password is that resource.

And in the app’s latest update, a new feature could be a welcomed addition for users, all by way of a brand new family plan that should make it more affordable to not only keep passwords secure, but also share them with family members when it’s necessary. AgileBits has officially announced 1Password for Families in a blog post.

The service will cost $5 per month for five family members. If you need additional members, that’s an extra $1 per month. With the new plan, each member within the family will have access to their own 1Password account and vault of saved passwords, and it also includes a shared set of passwords that can be used by the whole family.

The owner of the family plan will have access to the whole account through an Admin Console, and can invite folks into the family plan, remove them, and make other changes as they are needed.

There are some perks for those that sign up for the new family plan before March 21, including $10 credited to the account — so two free months for signing up early. The perks also include 2GB of free cloud storage for documents, and the ability to have seven different members on a regular 5-family member plan.

You can check out 1Password through the link below. The first month of the service is free, and the initial download is as well.


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[via AgileBits]

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