Download abstract puzzle game The Mesh for free, down from $1.99 [Apple’s App of the Week]

The Mesh on iOS

The Mesha delightfully abstract iOS puzzle game that has previously been select in Apple’s Editors’ Choice category, is now the company’s Free App of the Week. Developed by Creatiu Lab, the title is normally priced at $1.99 — but you can get it free right now.

The Mesh is unlike any other puzzle game on iOS, promising to deliver a “new original concept and innovate gameplay” that you won’t have experienced before. Your aim is to combine numbered tiles in an effort to achieve the highest score you can.

But there’s a catch: with every move you make, the mesh loses a tile until there are no more — and then it’s game over!

“The interactions with the mesh have been designed to be an experience on its own,” says Creatiu Lab. “Every reaction, animation, and detail have been crafted with an organic behaviour, making it a joy just to play with it.”

The Mesh also boasts beautifully designed visuals and an immersive soundtrack. Best of all, it’s a universal title for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch — and there are zero in-app purchases, so you don’t have to pay to unlock extra levels or additional content.

To get The Mesh for free now, simply open up the App Store on your iOS device, then look for the Free App of the Week banner on the “Featured” page — beneath the “Best New Games” section. Tap the banner, then tap “Get” and enter your iTunes password or Touch ID.