Apple diversifies supply chain of ‘iPhone 5se’ by adding Wistron as second manufacturer



To diversify its supply chain for the upcoming ‘iPhone 5se‘, Apple has reportedly gotten Wistron onboard to assemble the phone for it. The company is looking to reduce its risks and any disruption in its supply chain by relying on multiple ODMs for its products.

As per the DigiTimes report, the company added Compal electronics as a manufacturer for the iPad mini and Wistron for the lamination of iPhone’s touch panel in February. Additionally, it has also outsourced a small amount of its upcoming 4-inch iPhone 5se orders to Wistron, as it prepares the company to become an iPhone assembly house.

The report also claims that Apple is looking to have both Foxconn — a long-time manufacturer of iPhones — and Wistron to manufacture the upcoming iPhone 7 Plus for it, though Foxconn will continue to have the lion’s share of Apple’s total order. As for the smaller 4.7-inch iPhone, Apple is reportedly planning on outsourcing the production to Foxconn and Pegatron Technology.

The company is essentially trying to have two suppliers for both models of the iPhone 7, which will help in alleviating any supply issues and help Apple in meeting the consumer demands better.

[Via DigiTimes]

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