Apple reportedly building systems for ‘high-end cars’ in its California ‘auto testing center’


CarPlay in Ford car

Sunnyvale, California, is a bit of a hotspot for Apple these days, especially if you think “motor noises” make for a hotspot.

Now there might be a bit more going on in Sunnyvale — if AppleInsider‘s latest repot is any indicator. Apparently, to start, a year and a half ago Apple was given approval for an “auto testing center” in Sunnyvale, and, back then, the city manager even commented on the deal with the Cupertino-based company. Since then, though, as is typical for Apple, things went quiet as the company went to work on whatever it is they’re putting together.

What that is, though, remains a mystery. It’s possible that the testing facility is built primarily to build out Apple’s CarPlay, the in-car system that already exists and will more than likely get better as the years tick on. However, it’s also rumored that Apple could be working on other systems, but these would primarily focus on “high-end cars:”

“The building will be used as a testing facility for new electronic technologies that are integrated into high-end cars.”

If that means Apple is building CarPlay, or some variant of it, specifically for vehicles like Porsche or other high-end auto manufacturers is still unknown. It’s likely that the city manager is just speaking about cars in general, and that she’s also referencing CarPlay in its current state, but obviously the speculation is already taking off.

Earlier, a report surfaced that cited citizens of Sunnyvale complaining of “motor noises” coming from another testing facility, once again lifting rumors that Apple’s “Project Titan” is still going strong.

[via AppleInsider]

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