Apple hit with class action lawsuit over ‘Error 53’ iPhone bricking

Touch ID on iPhone

Law firm PCVA has followed through with its class action lawsuit against Apple for bricking iPhones via “Error 53.”

The law firm states that the first objective of their lawsuit is to get the phones of all affected iPhone customers fixed first without paying the high repair cost that they are facing right now.

Darrell Cochran, lead attorney of the class action lawsuit, also argues that if security was Apple’s primary concern behind Error 53, then why did it allow the affected iPhone units to work for months at end without any issues.

“No materials we’ve seen from Apple ever show a disclosure that your phone would self-destruct if you download new software onto a phone,” Cochran said. “If Apple wants to kill your phone under any set of circumstances and for any reason, it has to make it crystal clear to its customers before the damage is done.”

Compounding the problem, according to Cochran, is how disagreeable Apple’s reaction to the problem has been. “The error code 53 signals the death of the phone, and Apple’s response has been to say ‘you have no options; it’s not covered under warranty, and you have to buy a new phone.’”

As explained previously, “Error 53” starts showing up on iPhones when an unauthorised repair has been carried out on it. The component in question can either be the display, the Touch ID sensor, or the flex cable. While the phone will work just fine after repair, it will end up failing a validation check from Apple while downloading or installing a new software update, at which point Apple will essentially ‘brick’ the phone by displaying Error 53.

Apple had explained that it has done this to make sure that the security of its users and iPhones are not compromised in anyway, since a rogue Touch ID sensor can be installed on an iPhone to gain access to one’s fingerprints and other important data.

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