Apple said to strengthen encryption endeavors as it fights with FBI

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Apple is conducting an ongoing battle with the Federal Bureau of Investigation over the encryption of its devices, but the future could be even more interesting.

According to a report from Reuters, Apple could be planning on strengthening its encryption endeavors if it manages to win the battle with the FBI as it is now. The report cites an anonymous source, an unnamed Apple executive, that states Apple will further strengthen its encryption, but would not say how that might be done. It does seem to suggest that Apple already had plans to do this, but if they win the fight with the FBI, those plans will move forward with a bigger focus.

“An Apple executive said the company will strengthen its encryption if it wins its court battle with the federal government, which last week secured a court order requiring Apple engineers to help extract data from a phone associated with the mass shootings in San Bernardino.”

However, there does appear to be a limit. An additional pair of sources informed the publication that Apple won’t take it to extreme levels, though. At this point, it seems unclear just where Apple intends to land, but considering how important security is to Apple at this stage, in the future it would seem like a safe bet it will be even more important.

Especially if it wins the battle with the FBI.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, will be going on ABC News tonight (February 24) to discuss the company’s battle with the FBI, along with security in general.

[via Reuters]

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