Apple TV 4 universal search now supports four new channels: Watch ABC, Disney Channel, Disney XD and Disney Jr


Apple today added universal search support in the fourth-generation Apple TV for Watch ABC, Disney Channel, Disney XD and Disney Jr. This will allow Apple TV 4 owners to quickly and easily find content from these four channels by simply invoking Siri or universal search.

With the addition of these 4 new channels, Apple TV now supports universal search from across 14 different sources.

Since it launched the Apple TV 4 last year, Apple has been slowly and steadily providing access to the universal search API to developers. When launched, the Apple TV 4 was only capable of searching for┬ácontent from Netflix, iTunes, Hulu and Showtime. Over the next few months, I’d expect Apple to add support for more content providers in universal search on Apple TV 4.

Sadly though, universal search in Apple TV 4 continues to be available only to Apple TV 4 users in the United States, with only a few other countries getting Netflix and iTunes integration. Otherwise, search results are limited to content from the iTunes Store in other countries.

[Via MacRumors]

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