Apple Watch users to gain access to “Fast Lane” in Tommy Hilfiger’s NY fashion show

NY Fashion Week

Clothing company Tommy Hilfiger will be offering an express check-in line for New York Fashion Week attendees who own an Apple Watch

New York Fashion Week is coming up and well-known clothing company Tommy Hilfiger will be offering Apple Watch users a quicker way to get into the event. Attendees who own an Apple Watch won’t need to pull out any smartphones or physical invitations because Tommy Hilfiger has partnered with Fashion GPS Radar this year for the event. For those who aren’t familiar with Fashion GPS Radar, it is an Apple Watch app that allows users to simply just flash the QR code on the screen without a phone.

According to Racked, many Fashion Week participants are already using GPS Radar to RSVP to the upcoming event. Those attending the event will not only be able to get into the event quicker with the Apple Watch and GPS Radar, they will also be able to view the fashion week’s calendar, pull up location information, and view event invitations. Hilfiger is the first fashion company to offer Apple Watch benefits, but we’re sure many more companies will be doing the same next year. Those attending Paris, London, and Milan’s fashion weeks will also be able to reap the benefits of the Apple Watch.

Apple has marketed the Apple Watch as a fashion piece before it was even officially launched, putting it on the cover of fashion magazines and even featuring the device at the 2014 Paris Fashion Week behind glass. One of the earlier receivers of the wearable device was popular fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. Then the Cupertino-based company recently partnered with design powerhouse Hermes, releasing exclusive leather bands for the Apple Watch.

Those attending the New York Fashion Week can download Fashion GPS Radar for free from the App Store.

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