Best iOS 9 Jailbreak Tweaks for Messages app


Messages on iOS can be used for both SMS as well as iMessage communication with other Apple devices. With every iteration of iOS, Apple has been improving the Messages app and adding great new features to it. However, there are still some essential features that are missing and this is where jailbreak tweaks come in to fill the gap.

Here’s a list of our favorite jailbreak tweaks for the Messages app for iOS 9 that you should definitely check out on your device.



Couria improves on the stock Quick Reply feature of Messages by presenting its view in full screen allowing you to view the entire conversation. When you receive a Messages notification banner, simply swipe it down to view the enhanced Quick Reply view containing the complete conversation.

In addition, one of the major features of Couria is Quick Compose which enables you to compose a message from anywhere without being in the Messages app. All you have to do is to invoke it via an Activator gesture, either from the Lock screen, Home screen or within an app.

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Incognito Messages

When you are typing a reply in Messages, the recipient will also see a typing indicator in the conversation. Likewise, the messages that you receive will be marked as read once you see them. Incognito Messages is a jailbreak tweak that allows you to disable this.

You can completely get rid of the typing indicator so that the recipient will not find out when you are typing. Similarly, you can also have the new messages marked as read only when you start typing. This way you can read a message but have it marked as read only when you start typing a reply.

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Messages Customizer Pro


The tweak allows you to customize various aspects of the Messages app ranging from the message bubbles to the conversation background and the tint color of the app.

You can change the color of the background or use an image , customize the color of the bubbles as well as change the color of some texts such as the timestamps and the read receipts.

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Have you ever used Facebook’s chat heads? MessagesHeads is a jailbreak tweak that introduces a similar concept for the stock Messages app.

It allows you to access all your active conversations from the stock Messages app via the chat heads. These can be accessed from anywhere within iOS allowing you to quickly view conversations and respond to text messages while being in another app.

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Messages Loaded

When you’re inside a conversation in Messages, you can view the old messages by tapping the “Load More” button. This can be a hefty task if a message you’re looking for is from months ago as you have to tap on the button several times. Messages Loaded gets rid of this button and displays all the messages of a conversation at once.

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Remote Messages


Normally, you can use iMessage from your Mac but if you’re a Windows user and have an iPhone then you should check out Remote Messages. The tweak essentially allows you to use iMessages and Messages from your Windows PC.

It’s pretty straight forward to set up. All you need to do is download and install Remote Messages for iOS 9 from Cydia and make the required configuration. You can then use the browser on your Windows PC to access your iPhone’s Messages and converse.

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SwitchService is a very useful tweak that brings a nifty way of quickly switching between iMessage and SMS. By simply tapping and holding on the Send button, you can switch between the two modes of messages. The color of the Send button also changes to reflect the type of the message. For example, the button will be colored green if it is an SMS message and blue for iMessage.

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TypeStatus 2

TypeStatus lets you know when someone starts to type an iMessage by displaying a typing indicator in the Status bar. Likewise, you will also be notified when your iMessage has been read by a recipient. It  places a handy overlay or icon in the status bar to indicate when either action has taken place.

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These are the best jailbreak tweaks that will enhance your experience using the Messages app on iOS 9. If there’s any other tweak that you think should have made it to the list then make sure to let us know about it in the comments section.

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