Find My iPhone helps police find kidnapped teenager

Find my iPhone - featured

Sometimes finding your iPhone can mean finding something even more important, as was the case for one teenager in Pennsylvania.

NBC News reports that an 18-year old female was kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend. The victim was able to send text messages to let her mom know that she needed help, but was unable to indicate where she was. As a result, the victim’s mother used Find My iPhone to locate her daughter’s device, and, subsequently, alert law enforcement to the whereabouts of her missing daughter.

Police say they recovered the victim around 150 miles east of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in a car found in a McDonald’s parking lot.

“Pennsylvania State Police were ‘notified by the victim’s mother that her daughter had been taken against her will by her ex-boyfriend’ on Tuesday, according to a statement. ‘The victim’s mother related that she had been receiving text messages from her daughter requesting help. The mother was able to track the victim’s cellphone by utilizing the iCloud [and] Find My iPhone app.'”

Good news at the end of a very frightening ordeal, thanks to the security features found within an iOS device.

[via NBC News]